Tuesday, May 20, 2008

My Parents 50th Wedding Anniversary

Last weekend we celebrated my parents 50th Wedding Anniversary by going on the weekend cruise to Ensenada. 33 of us went! 2 parents, 8 children, 6 spouces, 15 grandchildren & 2 friends. It was my first cruise. It was alot of fun! It did fill a little like being at Circus Circus on the water. I was dizzy about half of the time. But it was wonderful being with my family. We are all so close and we have our parents to thank for that!
We celebrated the by having a party for them. We all shared memories and I realized it was the little things that we all treasured...going for Ice cream at Thriftys, Camping, wrestling with dad, seeing all the service mom gave. What a great example my parents are to me and my entire family!

Saturday, May 17, 2008

Thanks Amelia & Justin!

Amelia and Justin are amazing!

They took some priceless pictures of our sweet
Wendy Lu!
I love them!!
Amelia and Justin are the photography team I gave my business referrals too when I gave up photography 4 years ago.
It has been awesome to see their talent grow.

Amelia & Justin's work is breathtaking!
I know most of you know about them but those who
don't, check out the website at amelialyon.com

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Wednesdays are my Favorite!

I love Wednesdays! I decided about a month ago that I needed a Max and Ollie fix every week. Plus I knew my sister Ruth would love a day off from her 2 busy boys. I pick the boys up from school and we spend the day together. We have gone to Disneyland, Knott's, Miniature Golfing, Swimming and to the Park. After all those fun days I found out that their favorite thing to do is just hanging out at my house. (Which we will be doing more of in the fuure, it is a lot cheaper!)
They are amazing! They keep smiling and remind me to enjoy life a little more. I get to spoil them rotten and send them home!

I Love our conversations each week. Last week was a good one;
Max: Beth I am going on a field trip on Friday to see Dinosaurs!
Beth: Wow! that sounds like fun!
Max: Yeah, but they're all dead ....I will only get to see their bones :(

Beth: What do you guys want to do to day?
Ollie: I want to go lawn bowling!
Beth: Lawn bowling?
Ollie: You know where you hit the ball with a long stick into the castle!
Beth: Oh you mean miniature golfing!

Max: NOOOO! I want to go bowling Ollie said bowling..
Ollie: NOOOOO! I want to go Miniature Golfing!!!

(After a little yelling Ollie won but our next trip will be bowling)

But the best is if you ask who their favorite person is.... I am! #1... followed by Grandma Shultz who is #2... with Aunt Heather who is a close #3. I was worried when I heard Heather was babysitting for the entire weekend when we were on our cruise. I knew she had big plans to spoil them and knock me from the number one spot...

When I asked them today I was relieved to know I am still their number 1!!!
Bring it on Heather!