Wednesday, July 30, 2008


I need some help from the bloggers out there!

I lost the list to connect to my friends and family's blog sites! Has any one seen it? Does anyone know where or how I can get it back?!

When I go to the edit part of my blog the friends edit is gone too! HelP!!


Thursday, July 17, 2008

Wendy Lu's Blessing Day

On July 6th our little Wendy was blessed by her Dad, with a beautiful Father’s blessing. It was such a special day! It was so amazing to see all the family who came. We had most of the Wittens, (who traveled far to be there) all of the Lambs, the Williams, the Schultz family, plus friends of Heather & Ryan’s. It was wonderful to see the love & support for Heather & Ryan . I loved hearing Heather & Ryan’s testimony. (I was so proud!) I served a lunch for 75 people. We had the lunch at the park because my house could never hold that many people. What a great Day!

Monday, July 7, 2008

Disneyland with my nieces

This past week I have had my cute nieces visiting me from Nevada. My brother Adam’s 3 girls, Danielle 10 years old, Caslista 6 years old and Eden 3 years old, plus my sister Jennie’s daughter Gracie almost 9 years old. We had so much fun! It is my goal to be the favorite Aunt. ( Which isn’t easy to do when you are competing against so many!)
But I do have big advantage…
I live near Disneyland!
We had so much fun! It was Eden’s first time so that always makes it more special! I forgot how much work a group of little kids can be, just the laundry alone is huge! But it was all worth it! I will miss them!