Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Honeymoon with a Killer

Back in January 1997, I photographed the wedding of Rebecca & Bruce Cleland. In July 1997...just 7 months later Bruce was killed in an 'attempted car jacking'.

When I heard he had died I knew that Rebecca was involved. (You will need to read the book to find out how I knew)

After calling the police, helping in obtaining a search warrant and her arrest, testifying at her first trail and then again at a 2nd trial (after she had a successful appeal) the book is now available for sale next week.

Everyone I told this amazing story too said the same thing. You should write a book. Well I was interview for a book... one from a true crime novelist, Don Lasseter. He had written over a dozen true crime books. After meeting him for the first interview, I read a few of his books. He is a great writer.

I met with him today because he wanted to give me a couple of copies of this book. I had to laugh when I saw my picture and description in the book.

Wedding Photographer and
"Mormon Mom"??? How funny!

And then again in the Foreword it says "A superior court judge familiar with the facts declared,"This should be a movie or a book. It's got everything-the love triangle,the murder angle, a stripper boyfriend, the gay girlfriend, sister against sister, the innocent Mormon-mom wedding photographer... because we know all good movies and good books include an innocent Mormon-mom : )