Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Witten Sisters Retreat

My sisters and I are all very close. We love any excuse to get away together for a few days. Birthdays, bridal showers for our daughters, or the time we found $59. flights to New York. A few weeks ago we took a little cruise to Ensanada for my Sister Cathy's 50th Birthday. What makes them so fun is that my dad comes along. We had a carefree weekend of shopping, eating and just relaxing.

The Ship is full of photo booths..so of course we had to take adventage of them!

While we shopped and shopped and shopped...my dad and Ruth, who is pregnant, found all the benches around the city. They were good sports!

To help burn off the calories we were consuming, they have a great gym that looks over the water. We also spent a lot of time playing cards...one of our favorite things to do when we are all together.

Another photo booth...you got love that soft focus!
We are already thinking of an excuse to get away next year...my brother Steve is turning 50 and my sister Jennie is turning 40 so, we were thinking maybe next year we will bring the husbands. This is all the Witten sisters, our sister in law, Tania and mom & Dad. We are only missing Drew's wife Sheri...she will need to plan to join us next year!