Tuesday, June 16, 2009

30 Years ago...

30 years ago Charles was called to serve in the Austria Vienna, Croatian speaking Mission.

He went into the MTC August 16th 1979 where he found out that
he would actually be serving in Yugoslavia. The entire country only had 16 missionaries serving in it. It was a Communist Country at that time. It was not your typical mission because it was illegal to proselyte. The Church was trying to get legal status as an organized Religion.

Well, 30 years later on May 24th 2009 Croatia dedicated the first Mormon Church. Thanks to my MasterCard Flier miles I was able to send Charles to attend with this special occasion with one of his old missionary companions. It was very exciting trip.

All I asked from him was nice pictures...with him in a few of them. When he served 30 years ago he took the most amazing pictures around 100 of them...but he only in about 12 of them. Well he kept his promise...

This is the new Church. It has 2 stories. Charles said the meeting was amazing. He said it was wonderful to see all the families there.Charles standing in front of the church with 2 of his former missionary companions, Jamie Lyon & Doug Short. The tall guy in the middle was a Landlord of the missionaries, Ivica Valek, he joined the Church a few years after Charles' mission. And Ankica Ostrachevich. Her little family were some of the first members in the country.