Thursday, October 30, 2008


Today I went to see Ollie's Halloween Parade and Program at his preschool.
Seeing all the little cuties today made me a little sad...
My little ones are all grown up.

It seems just like yesterday I was running around all over trying to put together costumes, staying up all night sewing and baking goodies for classroom parties.

Nancy, Ollie's grandma, reminded me that it won't be long before I will be coming to enjoy Wendy's Halloween Parade and Program...The next generation.

And then I wasn't so sad.
I am looking forward to all the fun without all the work!

Here are some of my memories of my little cuties!

I know this makes me sound old...but it really does feel like this was just yesterday!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

I Love Sundays

I look forward to Sundays all week. It is a day of enjoying my family, going to church, a day of rest which translates into taking my well deserved weekly nap. But what I really look forward to is the big family Sunday dinner.

Once a month the big Lamb family gets together to celebrate monthly birthdays. The Lamb family is getting bigger every year with weddings and babies...When Jennie and Dave are visiting, we now have 47 people including the babies! I love hosting the dinner at my house even though it is quite cramped.

When the Lambs aren't coming over for dinner I will try my hardest to have a big Sunday dinner with inviting my married kids, their friends and family that don't have family living close by to have Sunday dinner with, plus Ruth & Scott with my favorite little boys. It is the day of the week I am cooking a real meat and potatoe dinner, not an instant Costco dinner. After dinner we play games or just talk. It sometimes gets a little loud and crazy... that's how I love it!

Maybe it has something to do with my childhood growing up in a loud and crazy house with 8 kids and lots of friends who were always over. Plus my huge extended family Sunday dinners at my grandparents little house filled with Aunts, Uncles and hundreds of cousins.

So if you ever find yourself eating alone on any given Sunday, please come on over! I always cook extra just in case! We would love to have you!

Monday, October 6, 2008

Pierre from Paris

Last week we had a visitor... Pierre from Paris.
He is a friend of my best friend Heather...or as my kids call her TaTa.

Heather is a life long friend who moved to Belgium 7 years ago. It was so fun to finally meet Pierre in person... to meet the person behind the voice. Last summer we sent Vanessa to visit Heather & Pierre for Graduation. She had a fabulous time and is always saying how she wants to go back. Who wouldn't?! She had a personal tour guide of Paris & Belgium.

I had a lot of fun showing Pierre the California sights...Laguna Beach with a drive up the coast to Seal Beach. It would of been breath taking if it wan't so foggy.
We met the Lamb family for some dinner and a walk on the pier.
We spent a day seeing the sights in LA, Beverly Hills & Pasadena. Not mention a day of shopping..buying 6 pairs of Levi's We had a good ole California BBQ (Pizza) and swim party where Pierre met the extended family.

I am sure Pierre needed to sleep for a week when he got home.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

The Five

I have been Tagged twice now. Once by Colt, that one is still coming... Now this one by Ruth

The 5...

Ten years ago I was.......
1. Living in Fullerton in a 1170 Sq ft home with my family of 6
2. Was photographing weddings most weekends
3. Was the PTA President, Players Agent for Bobby Sox & Primary President...I was a little busy
4. I had a child in Preschool, Elementary School, Jr High and High School...Yes I was busy!
5. Started a neighborhood Camping group. We went to Yosemite that first year with about 8 families, around 45 people. We have gone every year to either Yosemite, Zion or the Beach.

5 things on my "to do" list.....
1. workout
2. get out my Halloween decorations. Now that we are grandparents, Charles thinks it is important to decorate the house for holidays.
3. Blog about my last tag from Colt.. "Quirks". I am to tell 6 quirks about myself
4. get a pedicure
5. revamp my website. I pay for a real estate web site. I have never updated it or in fact have done anything to it. My friend sent me an email from the web site that I never received..I am pretty sure it went to my First Team email. I left First Team almost 2 years ago.

5 snacks I enjoy.........Like my sister Ruth I love my snacks
1. Homemade cookies and the dough of course
2. String cheese
3. Raw almonds... I have to try Jill's fave snack Cinnamon almonds, yum!
4. Cheese its
5. M & M's

5 places I have lived
1. Cypress, CA
2. Morgan Hill, CA
3. Buena Park, CA
4. Fullerton, CA
5. Brea , CA

This is actually ALL the places I have lived too

5 jobs I have had........
1. A Women's Health Spa called Pam's it was so long ago they actually had a machine where you put a vibrating belt around your hips to help with your cellulite.
2. I was an Icee Bear. I went to places where Icee's where sold and dressed up like a big Icee Bear and passed out coupons.
3. Waitressing at Spire Coffee shop, Marie Calendars and Bobby McGee's Working hard to put Charles through school.
4. Wedding Photographer, soooooooo much fun!
5. Real Estate Agent...Do you know anybody who wants to buy a house?

5 things I would do if I was a multi-millionaire........
1. Travel the world and visit my friends in Europe
2. Keep my personal trainer, I had to stop until the I sell a few more homes
3. Help out my friends and family... like buy a nice home for my in laws... in my neighborhood
4. Have a few surgeries... some nicks, suck fat and laser hair removal
5. Buy Bedroom furniture...In my 26 years of marriage it has not happened

5 people I tag are.......
1. Cathy...Please we need a new blog!
2. Terri...It's time Terri, join us!
3. Aaron...Who has the most amazing blogs
4. Colt ...who tagged me
5. Crystal sweet niece