Saturday, August 23, 2008

Thanks Colt!

I'm so honored to say that Colt started his couch tour on my couch.
I didn't meet Colt until he spent the night, but I felt like he was already a close friend. How?...I've been stalking his amazing blog for a few weeks. I saw his clever messages to Ruth, so I snuck a peek at his blog.
(I'll admit it... My name is Beth and I am a blog stocker!)

On one blog, he showed the artwork he did for Sammy's. It was amazing! I then started noticing his artwork all over. At the Yo Gabba offices where he did several murals, Jill & Steve Barrett's house, Ruth & Scott's, plus some cute artwork he did for little
Wendy. I loved all of it! He is so talented!

I left him a message on his blog, admitting I was stocking his blog and how much I loved his work. Long story short... we now have some of his art in my home! He totally captured our style, which is a little different. See for yourself! I LOVE it! If you are ever at my house, go upstairs and check it out! You need to see it in person to see how awesome it is!

Thanks Colt! You can sleep on my couch anytime! Thanks for helping me with my Blog too! (He helped me get my friends blog back on my main page plus he taught me how to put links on my blogs!)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008


Today is my baby sister, Ruth's birthday. She is 33 years old! I remember the day she was born... Yes I feel old! I feel so fortunate to live in the same city as her and her sweet little family. She has truly become one of my best Friends. She is the first person I call when I have news, or when I am upset about something. She 13 years younger then me but she always gives me the best advise to handling all my life's problems. She is amazing and I know all of you who read my blog know her and her talents.
This a few of the reasons why I think she is amazing...

She was the youngest of 8 children with 4 older sisters.
Which means she grew up with 5 moms always telling her what to do. She handled it with a smile :) Yes that is her on the right!
(My mom is the one in the red...She looks amazing!)

She entertained most of my friends and dates...Just think, Ollie's wit mixed with Max's goofiness and you have Ruthy. She was perfect for breaking the ice when I brought someone to the Witten home for the first time.

She was and is the coolest Aunt for my kids. Charles said that if we ever wanted our kids to try something new, we would have Ruth suggest it because then they would try it for sure!
Ruth loved my 80's leopard print sweatshirt she is wearing in this picture. I think I finally just gave it to her.

She is always smiling, making you smile with her. She is the family comedian & entertainer (along with our brother Drew.) She has always had that talent. She is the life of the party. Being the youngest of 8 children I guess you had to be to out going to get anyone to notice you.

She is the family Stylist. She has done my daughters hair for all their important events from graduation, proms to weddings. (Waking up sometimes at in the early morning hours like in this photo where she is doing Heather's hair for 8th grade graduation) Not mention hair cuts and color. She has had me go from red to blond over the years. I don't even need to tell her what to do. I trust her 100% I just sit in her chair and let her do her thing!

She took Nathan everywhere she went. It was so awesome! I had 3 busy girls, plus my life has always been crazy! It was such a big help to have her entertain that active little boy! Now she is letting me return the favor. I love having her boys spend the day with me! They keep smiling just like their mom did!

She is my own personal shopper. She has amazing style. Last year when I lost some weight I was in desperate need of new clothes. Charles gave me some gift certificates for my birthday to
2 stores in the Mall. (He knew to call Ruth and asked her which store to buy them in) I shopped a little before Ruth joined me and I could not find anything I liked. She came and had me in an entire new wardrobe in about an hour. It was amazing...I just stayed in the dressing room while she brought me different things to try on. I love to shop with her because she finds the deals! I don't think she has ever bought any clothes that were not on sale.

She keeps her olders sisters up to date on the latest fads & Styles. She started the Witten Women Retreats. Our first one was to New York City. It was so much fun! She knew where to shop and what cool things we had to try... Like Magnolia's Cupcakes and H & M. She has got me hooked on Blogging, Twilight, Pink Berry, Jogging, Lindora (Thanks to her I am in better shape then I have been in for years!) and so much more.

Happy Birthday Ruth... You are an special person and I feel so blessed to have known you your entire life
and to have had so many fun wonderful memories with you!
Have a great day today and a wonderful year!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I love my Husband

I have been married over 26 years! Wow!... How can that be when I feel about 30 years old?

It hasn't always been perfect and we have had our struggles but my husband has become one of the best husbands out there!

He gets up early each day before I get up and has this awesome routine.
Don't get jealous when you read this but everyday he ...

1. Folds any laundry that was left in the dryer and will even do a load or two if needed.
2. Put away the dishes from the dishwasher or will load it.
3. Pick up any mess that was left from the night before. (It's so nice to wake up to a clean house)
4. Feeds the Cat
5. Feeds the fish
6. Takes out the trash
7. Waters all the plants. (He doesn't like silk plants, so my house is full of real ones)
8. Sweeps up outside
9. Works out (He's just turned 48 and is looking goooooooood!)

10. All this and he gives a wonderful foot massage

I know I am bragging but he is AWESOME!..I think I will keep him for another 26 years, and maybe even longer :)
My dad called after he read this post and asked...But he is he good kisser?!! Yes dad he is! All men should know, If you want a Happy life, make sure you have a happy wife! :)

Saturday, August 2, 2008

Philadelphia with my Girls

I went to Philadelphia with my 3 daughters and my little grand daughter.

We went to attend the wedding of Andrew & Nina Strothers. Heather & Rachel were Groomsmaids!
Andrew is the son of my childhood friend, Kim Muller.

Andrew and her other son, Stewart, grew up with my girls. They call them the brothers and my girls are the sisters. (They were their only brothers until Nathan came along) It is so awesome how they are all still so close. My nephew Joey, became a close friend too. He was one of the groomsmen!

We had a great time seeing the sights and hanging out!

Favorites of the Trip
Tour of the city in a Horse drawn carriage
All the histoical sights...old beautiful homes and cobblestone streets
My first Philly Cheese steak sandwich w/ grilled onions & cheese wiz...yum!
The Wedding
Being with my girls and my nephew too!

Not so favorite...being stuck in an Airport all day because our flight was cancelled. It wasn't all bad, we came home the next day and spent an extra day in the city, sight seeing.

I came out of retirement and photographed the wedding with Vanessa.
Vanessa is an amazing photographer!
Here are some of her photos.

My favorite picture of the day!