Friday, April 25, 2008

I'm a GRANDMA!!!!

Wendy Williams is here! April 24th at 2:57 pm 8 lbs, 2 oz, 20 inches long and beautiful! What an amazing day!!!
When I got the news around 8:30 in the morning that Heather & Ryan were in the hospital, my first thought was someone was sick or there had been an accident. I didn't think of Heather being in labor because no one in my family have there babies early. We are usually days late and feeling miserable. Wendy wasn't due for 10 more days! Heather was still looking pretty good.
When it finally sunk in that we were having our baby I went a little crazy...
Think Ricky Ricardo when Lucy went into labor.

Ryan told me that the Doctor said the baby would most likely come late that afternoon. I begged Ryan for something to do after he told me I shouldn't come for a while because I would get bored. I was running around hyperventilating most of the morning doing errands for Ryan & Heather. I couldn't stand it any more, I was going to the hospital to help my baby have her baby!
I called Ryan to let him know I was almost there, he told me the doctor just informed him that Heather was dilated to a 10 and that the baby was there! Well that put me into near hysterics! HEATHER COULD NOT HAVE THIS BABY WITHOUT ME! I yelled into the phone NOOOOO! DO NOT LET HER PUSH UNTIL I AM THERE! I knew if Heather did her breathing exercises she could hold off for me....not!
St Jude Hospital is in the middle of remodeling and I couldn't find where I was suppose to park. I was driving around like a maniac yelling at people walking on the street to please tell me where to park. Just then Ruthy called me to get an update on Heather. She realized I was about ready to pass out from my hyperventilating and she talked me down by having take slow breaths. She stayed on the phone with me giving me turn by turn directions until I was safely parked.

After running all the way to the labor & delivery, I walked into the room to find Heather looking very relaxed. In fact she looked great, not like someone who had been in labor for 12 hours! She was enjoying her epidural feeling no pain, only a little pressure. (WHY DID WE EVER DO NATURAL CHILDBIRTH 25 YEAR AGO?!!!) Ryan couldn't understand why I was acting so crazy. He tells me that Heather was dilated to a 10 but the baby was only a 0 and needed to be a 3 before Heather would start pushing! Well when Ryan's mom, Bobbie, came running into the room a short time later I realize I wasn't the only one who misunderstood.
About 2 hours later after a lot of pushing

Our sweet little Wendy
came into our world and
now our world will never
be the same!

Monday, April 7, 2008

Thanks Ruthy!

As you may have guessed from my first blog, Ruthy set it up for me. She has been writing the most amazing blogs with great pictures too! Check it out at She told me how much fun it is to do, plus to it's fun to read other friends & families blogs. At first I thought I'm too old for this. My kids are grown, I don't have any cute little kids to write about. Plus after reading Ruth's blogs I was totally intimidated. How can I write that good?! But I decided to give it a go, I watch Ruthy's boys every Wednesday, plus soon I will be getting to watch my grand daughter too, so I should have lots of good material! I am not a very good jornal writer so I hoping this will kind of work instead.

This is my first blog

I dedicate this to my beloved sister Ruthy.  For which I would not have this Blog.