Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Big Lamb Family

I love my Big Families! Maybe that's because I am one of 8 children and Charles is the oldest of 7 Children.

The Lamb Family was all together for my nephew Sean's missionary farewell.
He is going to Japan for 2 years. It's pretty exciting because
that is where his dad, Scott, went.
Here we are! The entire Lamb Family...all 44 of us!
Having fun. This is such an amazing family
and I am blessed to be a part of it...
it's even more fun that my little sister, Jennie
married Charles' little brother
, Dave
Here are all the grandchildren, including 2 grandsons-in-laws
and one great grandchild with Grandma & Grandpa Lamb...
who will be celebrating 50 years of marriage this year


heather said...

aw, i love us. i also love the death grip i have on harrison to keep in the grandkids photo.

Jay and JoAnn said...

I'm not sure whether to wish you congratulations or condolences. I do know that you will grow spiritually and will love the sisters in your ward even more than you do now. It is a daunting assignment, one that I know you will magnify, just as you do with everything in your life. What wonderful families you have. Check you email, I sent you a message. I wasn't sure whether you would check your blog or email first. Love, JoAnn

Georgia said...

What AWESOME photos. Oh my gosh.....Charles looks a lot like his mom. What a nice looking couple they are. And 50 years of marriage. WOW. Looks like a beautiful family!

Gosh Beth, your kids are all so grown up and cute. Time flies by too quickly. I still think of them as all so young (and they aren't).